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The cost of the product, typically, consists of different cost components - such as Material costs, Labor costs, Manufacturing & Selling Administrative costs, Overhead costs and more.

In the standard SAP, at the time of Post goods Issue (PGI), the Cost-of-Goods-Sold (COGS) account is posted with the total product costs. It is a very common requirement in the industry, to post the accounting entries broken down by Material, Labor, Admin, Overhead etc. The Re-classification requirements can vary depending upon the customer groupings, product groupings or accounting requirements.

The COGS Re-class cockpit offers a flexible options to re-class the COGS to reclassify the accounting postings based on the specific criteria

COGS Re-class - Features & Benefits

Some of the features offered are

  • COGS Re-classification for Inventory Postings
  • COGS Re-classification for Cost Revaluations
  • COGS Re-classification for Production
  • COGS Re-classification for Scrap
  • COGS Re-classification for Inventory Adjustments
  • COGS Re-classification for Variances
  • COGS Re-classification Postings - Detailed/Summarized
  • COGS Re-classification Postings - Daily/Monthly

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