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Master Data Approval Flow offers controlled Master Data Maintenance

Master Data Approval Flow offers Controlled Master Data Maintenance for day-to-day opearations for maintaining Master data records for such as Customers, Vendors, Materials and more.

These master records are not updated in the SAP system directly - rather the requestors propose the updates and the records are updated only after the appropriate approvers aprove the proposed changes. The product offers options for multi-tiered approvals from appropriate functions/departments.

Master Data Approval Flow - Features & Benefits

Some of the features offered are

  • Request for Create / Change
  • Save changes as DRAFT
  • Cancellation of requests
  • Multi-teared Approvals
  • Approval Routings based on the organizational elements
  • Approval Routings based on the specific fields
  • Adding comments/remarks
  • Adding attachments
  • Approvers can Accept or Reject
  • Re-assign Approvers
  • Additional Approvers
  • Change history when Approver proposes alternative changes
  • Check for Duplicates
  • Masking of sensitive fields
  • Reports for all requests created/approved/rejected
  • Re-assigning of Approvers

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